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Child and Youth

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To work together to build a community for complete well-being and for the development of young people, to create opportunities for creative and physical activities. To pay attention to the needs, interests, ideas and concerns of young people and to encourage and contribute to a better future for them and to the fulfilment of their dreams.


The youth centre will be multifunctional in nature. It provides opportunities for children to enjoy their free time, play and engage in hobbies and sports both indoors and outdoors.


The basic funding of the youth centre
is guaranteed by The Barry Foundation. The organisation is prepared to negotiate with possible further financiers and supporters so as to be able to do even more together.

About Us

The Barry Foundation MTÜ was founded in April 2019 with the purpose of providing support to economically disadvantaged families in Saare County in raising children and contributing to their development, but also providing them with basic necessities (food, school supplies, clothing, etc.). To achieve its goals, the foundation has mainly focused on helping families in need get the necessary food supplies during holidays (e.g. Christmas and Midsummer Day) and school supplies before the start of the new academic year, and developing opportunities to meet the needs of children and youngsters.

The organisation was founded and is financed by a private entrepreneur from the United States, who has a family connection to Saaremaa, where they provide accommodation and real estate services ( At the same, the Barry family wants to contribute to the local community in Saare County, keeping in mind the needs, interests and development of and a better future for its children and young people. One such possibility is establishing a youth centre primarily for the age group of 3-12.